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How we live up to our motto of Private Personal Education

EduExcellence is a group of private remedial schools with physical campuses in Cape Town and Pretoria. Our online campus caters for local and international students.

Our motto is ‘private, personal education’ and we live up to that creed whenever we’re in class shaping young minds and developing tomorrow’s leaders.

We have created nurturing environments in each of our campuses, where students struggling in mainstream schools can thrive in settings more suited to their learning needs. In this article we’re discussing four ways in which our teachers and staff live up to the EduExcellence motto.

TheraEd™ Approach

EduExcellence Founder, Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen’s bespoke therapeutic remedial education ​(TheraEd) approach creates the ideal learning environment. Children should feel secure in order to learn and thrive, and this is what we provide. The EduExcellence TheraEd approach is based on sound research in educational neuroscience and has been the cornerstone of EduExcellence since we opened the doors to our first campus, EduExcellence Lynnwood, in 2007.

Small Campuses

Mainstream schools can be overwhelming labyrinths of bustling activity, leaving some students in a constant state of anxiety and dread. As one can imagine, this isn’t the way a child should feel when learning and developing their identities. EduExcellence campuses are small, private, welcoming centres of learning. We’re like a family, as opposed to in a large mainstream school where students are often just a number.

Limited Classes

You’re not going to see us cram 30 students into a single classroom. On the contrary, EduExcellence classes are limited to 12 learners in our Schools stream and 8 learners in our Skills Centres. We believe that it’s simply impossible to give each student enough personal attention when classes are overcrowded. Our limited classes provide a more intimate, less overwhelming social experience for students, while giving EduExcellence teachers the opportunity to provide a truly personalised learning experience for all.

Online Option

The mere act of physically attending a school or learning centre is sometimes too much for a student, which leaves only distance learning and online schooling as alternatives. EduExcellence gives parents the option to enrol their children in our online remedial school, where we apply our unique therapeutic approach in a fully online format. We are the only online remedial school in South Africa backed by 14 years of experience.

Enroll for 2022 at EduExcellence

The EduExcellence offering ensures that all South African children have access to the remedial interventions they need – whether online or in-class at our campuses in Pretoria and Noordhoek, Cape Town. Book a coffee & chat with a principal today, and make 2022 the year you personalise your child’s education.

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