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Male Teenager
Level 10 - 12

Functional Literacy

Functional Numeracy

ASDAN: Short Course in International Bronze & Silver

Skills Development Classes

iDevelop daily

Care Circles weekly

Individual counselling

Auditory Integration Training

In-House Training

Protected job shadowing

Future planning

TheraEd Environment
Life Skills


Life & Social Skills

This is the final phase in the EduExcellence Skills Centre and we see this phase as preparing for life beyond EduExcellence.  In this phase, ASDAN Bronze and Silver books are the main priority, in conjunction with work experience. We still work on functional Mathematics, functional English/Afrikaans and Life Skills as a secondary focus. We also focus on ASDAN short courses and will select different sort courses depending on the learner's own individual interest or to help with a career path.  In this Centre, learners do in-house training and work experience where they are placed in different work environments, to help them gain knowledge and practice. 

Our program allows for a total of 80% formalized therapeutic intervention, comprising of 20% iDevelop, 40% Vocational Skills Development and 20% Life Skills. Another 20% of the time is allocated to academic work in preparing them for life after EduExcellence. All these activities take place within our TheraEd Environment. 

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