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Girl with Rollerblades
Level P



iDevelop daily

Care Circles weekly

Individual counselling

Auditory Integration Training

Sensory Play

Perceptual Development

TheraEd Environment
Life Skills


Life & Social Skills

Our Pre-skills Centre is seen as our formative class that helps set the foundation for the learners to move up the stream into our other skills classes.   The Pre-skills phase focuses more on a sensory and perceptual program and during this time they start to incorporate pre-literacy, numeracy, life, and social skills but in practical lessons.  It is important to remember that these learners may not be ready for formal schooling and that the teacher needs to be able to understand and know each learners’ specific needs.  In this phase, it is also very important to incorporate structured and fantasy play.

Our program allows for a total of 60% formalized therapeutic intervention, comprising of 40% iDevelop and 20% Life Skills. Another 40% of the time is allocated to pre-academic work in preparation for either a re-integration into our EduExcellence Schools or our Junior Skills Centre. All these activities take place within our TheraEd Environment. 

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