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Skills Development Centres – Preparing Your Child for Schooling Success

Skills development centres are designed to assist children with a variety of learning barriers they may be facing. This is a unique and personalised stream, including no more than 8 learners per group.

Unlike other remedial centres, we try to rather utilise every moment for either therapeutic or academic type work.

We maintain a ratio of 70% academic and 30% iDevelop™ work. The TheraEd™ Approach is applied throughout the day, both in the environment that we create as well as the fact that teachers are trained as co-therapists.

What is TheraEd™?

Our bespoke therapeutic approach to remedial education cultivates the perfect environment for learning to take place.

Children need to feel safe and secure in order to learn and thrive.

The TheraEd™ approach is based on sound educational neuro-scientific research, and has been the cornerstone of the EduExcellence way since our inception.

Therapeutic Education with EduExcellence

Our remedial centres provide specialised remedial education assistance to learners, from as young as 6 years old, needing a more informal process, by means of an integrated DCAPs and ASDAN curriculum.

We have been successful in integrating our remedial centre learners into vocational positions and helping them become contributing members of society.

Pre-Skills Centre

An early start is vitally important. We invite children as little as 6 years old to join our pre-skills remedial centre. We focus on a sensory and perceptual program during this phase, and start to incorporate pre-literacy, numeracy, life skills and social skills.

Reflex integration, in conjunction with neuro-developmental activities, is presented daily to strengthen neural maturation. Our TheraEd™ Approach creates a loving and nurturing environment to assist learners to enter into a learning environment.

Junior Centre

Seven to 10 year old students are accommodated at this level, with the possibility of an added 2 years depending on development. We continue with our sensory and perceptual programs, adding functional literacy, numeracy, life skills and social skills. We combine these within our remedial centres with the ASDAN New Horizons curriculum and begin with the differentiated CAPs curriculum.

Within our TheraEd environment, learners learn to socially interact, regulate emotions, and regulate their behaviour. Our daily iDevelop™ programs continue with neuro-developmental activities as indicated by their individual iMAP™. We start training functional skills at this level.

Intermediate Centre

Children aged 11 to 15 (+2) years are invited into this remedial centre, where we focus on life and social skills combined with practical skills development. We follow the DCAPS curriculum and work on functional English and Mathematics combined with the ASDAN Transition Challenge Curriculum.

Daily iDevelop™ programs are followed, where we continue to focus on personalising students’ programmes accordingly to their specific needs. Weekly care circles further assist with emotional intelligence development and social interaction.

Senior Centre

Adolescents from 16 years up to 18 (+2) are assisted in this remedial centre. Here we focus on life skills, social skills and practical skills development, and incorporate functional aspects such as being able to productively care for yourself.

We incorporate functional English and Mathematics and start building a CV for job shadowing (protected work placement) and in-house work experience. ASDAN Short Courses and the International Bronze/Silver programs are followed. Daily iDevelop™ activities are combined with weekly care circles to prepare students for life outside of the remedial centre. 

EduExcellence Remedial Centres in South Africa

EduExcellence is a family of private remedial schools in South Africa. We have two physical campuses in Noordhoek, Cape Town, and in Pretoria. Our remedial classes are limited to 12 learners, and we live up to our ethos of offering truly personalized private education.

EduExcellence Online is our online remedial school, where we offer the CAPS syllabus to students across South Africa in an online format. Get in touch with EduExcellence to book a coffee and chat with the head of our skills development centres.

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