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An early start is vitally important and we invite children as little as 6 years old to join our remedial centres. We focus on a sensory and perceptual program during this phase and start to incorporate pre-literacy, numeracy, life and social skills. Reflex integration in conjunction with neuro-developmental activities are presented daily to strengthen neural maturation. Our TheraEd Approach creates a loving and nurturing environment to assist them to enter into a  learning environment. 


Seven to 10 year old's are accommodated at this level with the possibility of an added 2 years, depending on development. We continue with our sensory and perceptual programs, adding functional literacy, numeracy, life and social skills. We combine these, within our remedial centres, with ASDAN New Horizons curriculum. Within our TheraEd environment, they learn to socially interact, regulate emotions and behaviour. Our daily iDevelop programs continue with neuro-developmental activities as indicated by their iMAP's. We start training functional skills at this level. 


Children aged 11 to 15 (+ 2 years) years old are invited into this centre where we focus on life and social skills combined with practical skills development. We follow a differentiated CAPS curriculum and work on functional English/Afrikaans and Mathematics combined with the ASDAN Transition Challenge Curriculum. Daily iDevelop programs are followed where we continue to focus on personalising their program accordingly to their needs. Weekly care circles assist with emotional intelligence and social interaction. 


Adolescents from 16 years up to 18 are assisted in this remedial centre where we focus on life, social and practical skills development and incorporate functional aspects such as learner driver license preparation. We incorporate functional English/Afrikaans and Mathematics and start building a CV for job shadowing and in-house work experience. ASDAN Short Courses and the International Bronze & Silver programs are followed. Daily iDevelop activities combined with weekly care circles prepare them for life outside the Centre. 

what makes our skills centres unique?

EduExcellence Skill Centres offer a safe and caring environment for children who do not naturally fit into the mainstream school system.  The centres are specialized centres focusing on helping each child develop to their full potential.  Many parents might see this as the end of their child’s learning journey, but we as see this as just the beginning of their new journey to help them become productive members of society.

Our focus in the EduExcellence Skill Centres is to create an enriched sensory-perceptual environment.  Activities and work programs are specifically allocated for each learner according to their individual needs.  Smaller classes enable us to accommodate all the learner’s diverse needs within the classroom. 

We follow the Differentiated CAPS curriculum where we have four main subjects, namely; English, Mathematics, Life Skills, and Vocational Skills.  We also focus on finding a career path for each of our learners and preparing them for the world beyond our school. 

Children who thrive in our centres (we only allow 8 learners per teacher) are special needs educational learners with mild to moderate developmental delays, cognitively challenged, so-called ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, speech and language delays, motor development, sensory difficulties, and children on the spectrum.  Although many of our kids do have a diagnosis, the teachers in the EduExcellence Skill Centres do not believe in labelling or boxing kids into specific categories, but rather letting each child be themselves. 

Our biennial reports consist of a measurement of personal development of skills and abilities as well as feedback from the teacher regarding the learner’s growth.  The EduExcellence Skill Centres do not provide the learner with marks or percentages upon completion of tasks.  

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