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Elementary School Student
Personalised for your child

Exciting ways in which we can assist your child. 

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Our remedial schools provide assistance to learners with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, general learning difficulties, neuro-diversity and the like by means of an integrated CAPS curriculum from as young as Grade R. We have been assisting children to thrive and successfully integrate into mainstream education since 2007. 

skill centres

Our Skill Centres provide specialised remedial education assistance to learners needing a more informal process by means of an integrated ASDAN curriculum from as young as 6 years. We have been successful in integrating Centre learners into vocational positions and be contributing members of society. 


An exciting new twist on education, bringing creativity and flexibility to the FET phase. The young adolescent functions differently, with different needs. We have adapted our approach to accommodate this developmental phase. It's not a school, it's not a tutoring centre, it's an alternative approach to preparing your child for the future. 

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online school

Bringing our unique approach into your home, wherever you are, both nationally and internationally. EduExcellence has adapted our unique approach to an online platform to assist you as a parent to benefit from our experience and skills. 


Does your child need extra lessons but you do not want to move him or her from their current school? No problem! We are making our unique approach available to all external students. Presented after hours at one of our campuses, or even ONLINE. 



Our bespoke therapeutic remedial education ​approach creates the perfect environment for learning to take place. Children need to feel safe and secure in order to learn and thrive. The TheraEd approach is based on sound research in educational neuro-science and has been the cornerstone of EduExcellence since our inception in 2007. 


In order to be able to personalise your child's learning experience, we need to know where they are at, what they need and how to best assist them. EduExcellence has contracted with The Assessment Center to provide in-depth assessments to create a personalised iMAP™ and iDevelop™ Program.   

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My Approach

EduExcellence was conceptualised and founded by Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen in 2006, an Educational Psychologist and specialist in neuro-development. Extensive research in educational neuroscience contributed to the design of TheraEd™ an approach she has coined which forms the cornerstone of EduExcellence.


EduExcellence opened the first campus in Lynnwood Pretoria in 2007 and our remedial education has expanded to include a campus in Western Cape Noordhoek with exciting new development taking place.

EduExcellence Online, the first online remedial school in South Africa, was launched in 2020, bringing the approach to many children, both nationally and internationally. 

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