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Game Face
Grades 10 - 12

2 languages (HL + FAL)

Maths Literacy/Core

Life Orientation

3 additional subjects from list

Subject Choices:

Variety of additional subject choices dependent on availability and demand

Develop Daily

Individual counselling

Brain breaks

Teacher check-ins

Study Skills

Career Guidance

Online TheraEd Environment

Ignite groups

Book Club

Extracurricular online activities

We maintain a ratio of 80% academic and 20% iDevelop program work. The TheraEd Approach is applied throughout the day, both in the environment that we create together with you, as well as the fact that teachers are trained as co-therapists.

Coming in 2023!

In order to truly cater for our ONLINE International students, we will be introducing the GED curriculum option. 

Book a Coffee and Chat with the ONLINE Campus Principal to find out more.

+ cost
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