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EduExcellence Schools

EduExcellence Schools – this is a mainstream school with a focus on small classes, to support learners who prefer our unique approach and environment. This will include but not be limited to learners who present with ADD, ADHD, barriers to learning etc.  

Schools stream follows the National CAPs curriculum facilitated in a remedial and brain0-based manner.

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 learners per teacher.

EduExcellence Centres

EduSkills Centres – this is a special needs type centre that supports learners in a non- standardised curriculum with a focus on practical and hands-on learning.

Skills stream follows the National DCAPs curriculum, supported by the ASDAN short courses and programmes.

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 learners per teacher.

Each physical EduExcellence Campus supports two streams of learning:  

Our small classes allow our teachers an ideal opportunity to truly bond emotionally with each and every child. It is vital that our teachers make time to bond with, and understand, each child. Always remember that each child that comes to EduExcellence has unique challenges and needs. Understanding each child on a personal level helps one to address these needs lovingly and caringly. This IS the aim and goal of EduExcellence.

Small classes also provide the ideal opportunity to really connect with each parent. These parents have specifically placed their child at EduExcellence, they have placed their trust, hope and desires for their child in our care. It is our job, as educators, to contribute to their child’s educational, emotional and physical wellbeing as best we can.

EduExcellence Online offers interactive online remedial support. 
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