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Fun activities to do with dad on Fathers’ Day

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The first Sunday in June is known for one thing – no matter where you come from. Fathers’ Day is an international celebration of father figures, paying tribute to every dedicated dad figure out there doing their best to look after their families. We believe that father figures play an important part in childhood development. So, today is the day for fatherly love, and here are a bunch of fun EduExcellence-approved activities to do with dad on Father’s Day:

Help dad fix something

Has your dad been saying that he’s going to fix that broken thing for weeks now, but he just never gets the time to do it? Why not offer to be his sidekick for the project, and get it done together! That way, dad will have an extra set of hands to help him, and you’ll learn a valuable skill while spending quality time together. You could also go around the house with pen and paper, helping dad by making notes of all the things he needs to fix (that you can help him with).

Offer to clean the garage

Does your dad’s garage look like a bomb went off in it, even after he says he’s neatened it up? Give your father the gift of cleanliness this Fathers’ Day, by offering to clean up the garage for him. Better yet, why not go ahead and clean it up while he’s sleeping in? That way, he can wake up to the surprise of a neat and tidy garage. Although, you might want to run this idea past mom if dad treats the garage like his man-cave.

Take your father 'fishing'

Live close to a body of water? There’s nothing more fatherly than a dad and his family finding a good spot to cast a line and perhaps even catch something! Look for places near you that rent out fishing rods if your pops isn’t the fishing type, but if he is – polish up the rods the night before and make sure there’s enough line on your reels. If you can’t go fishing for real, try carpet fishing. Sprinkle a few paperclips on the floor, then use a piece of string with a magnet on the end to “catch” the “fish”.

Give dad neck rub coupons

Is dad always complaining about his tight shoulders and neck? We get it dad, you work hard and carry your stress in your muscles. In preparation for this Fathers’ Day, design your own coupons that your dad can redeem. Neck rub coupons are a hit with dads everywhere, but you can also throw in a few others, including back scratches, head massages, and – if you dare – foot rubs! Whatever you do, just make sure you DON’T give him a coupon for a back waxing (trust us on that one).

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