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Find all the important information on one place.

Important information


GATES OPEN:                   07:00

BREAKFAST:                       07:15 – 07:20

CLASS STARTS:                  07:30 in Lynnwood

                                      07:30 in Noordhoek for Summer

                                      07:45 in Noordhoek for Winter


                                      07:30  on Satellites


Grade R & PreSkills            12:30 Monday to Friday
Grade 1-3 & Skills Centre   13:30 Monday to Thursday - 13:00 Friday

Grade 4-7                       14:00 Monday to Thursday – 13:00 Friday
Grade 8-12                     14:30 Monday to Thursday - 14:00pm Friday

AFTERCARE STARTS:          15 minutes after the school day ends

AFTERCARE ENDS:            17:30

Learners collected after 17:30 will be charged the published Late Penalty Fee.

Lynnwood Campus Est.2007


Address: 73 Boskop Street, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, 0001

Office number: 012 361 0686



The Assessment

All assessments are done via The Assessment Center

Practice Manager:

Stationary Lists

All training conducted by Neuro Dynamics Academy

Practice Manager:

Woman Typing


A new e-mail will be created for all new team members and sent to your private e-mail address. 

Please click on the orange button on the email, use the login details contained in the email and follow the prompts.  You will now be logged in and can use Office 365.

You might periodically be asked to change your password.

All work-related emails will be sent to this address. Please check your email regularly and also check your SPAM account often.

training video's


EduExcellence makes use of Teams for online meetings as well as for our "online library". 


Your HOD will add you to all the Teams that you need to be a part of.  


For online training purposes, please watch the below YouTube videos on how to get started.

Staffroom management system
Wireless Computer Accessories
Student Management System

EduExcellence makes use of Staffroom as our Learner Management System.

This system is used to manage absenteeism, marks, journals etc.

Once you have activated your school email address, your HOD will ensure you have access.


Password: A temporary password will be emailed to you. Please change your password in your profile once you have successfully logged in.

Staff Management System

Some staff will also have access to the EduExcellence HR Staffroom. This is used to centralise staff management and HR processes.

Staff that need access will be sent their login details.

Formsite Access
Designing on a Tablet

EduExcellence makes use of a product called FormSite to assist with the management of various business processes or workflows. The following workflows have been created:

Enrolment process

Uniform ordering

Re-enrolment process

Purchase orders

Staff leave requests

Administrators can access the system here:


Please familiarise yourself with the following Group and/or Campus related calendars.


EduExcellence Group Calendar


Lynnwood Private Calendar


LW Public Booking Calendar


Noordhoek Private Calendar


NH Public Booking Calendar


Satellites Private Calendar


SL Public Booking Calendar

restricted access

Access to Restricted or Confidential documents by members of the public is subject to the explicit approval of the Campus Principal or Group Leadership.

Documents or information is restricted when their unauthorized disclosure could harm the essential interests of an individual or EduExcellence.
Commonly accepted criteria for restriction are where the release of a document would:

  • Harm the privacy and integrity of an individual such as our learners;

  • Breach undertakings to respect the confidential nature of the information provided by third parties;

  • Cause financial loss or facilitate improper gain or advantage for individuals or companies;

  • Impede or undermine the effective management or operations of the Foundation;

  • Documents classified as restricted include:
    Personnel files of the company staff containing details of recruitment,

  • promotion and medicals;

  • Documents containing financial and commercial information supplied by third parties;

  • Learner assessment forms or related records

  • Documents are confidential when their unauthorised disclosure would be disadvantageous to EduExcellence or its clients.

  • Documents of internal management meetings;

  • Documents that have not been finalised or adopted;

  • Documents containing sensitive details supplied by third parties in confidence;

  • Management reports, strategy and financial information

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