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7 Mothers' Day activities that say "I love you mom"

With Mothers’ Day just around the corner, we thought we’d spread the motherly love a little. We’ve got a few ways you can spoil mom and have some quality family time, but first: why are mothers deserving of praise? Well, other than the fact that they make human existence possible, moms play a vital role in the stability of a child’s home life.

Teachers, especially remedial school teachers, play a motherly role in the classroom, and should always keep this in mind – whether in a classroom or in a virtual class setting. So, if you want to show mom some love on the 9th of May, here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Make a family scrapbook

Pictures speak a thousand words, and they also evoke vivid memories of the times captured for eternity on photography film. This Mothers’ Day, why not print out a few family photos that have been building up in your phone’s gallery? Buy a family scrapbook and spend the day around the dining room table, sticking pictures in a book that can be read fondly for years to come.

Finish a big jigsaw puzzle

Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

Head to your nearest hobby shop before Mothers’ Day rolls around, and ask the person behind the counter for the best puzzle to give a mom. It might take a little while to choose between the unicorn painting puzzle and one showing a beautiful scene in nature, but it doesn’t matter. What matters are the few hours it’s going to take for you and your mom to bond while working on a project together.

Spend time in the garden

Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

If you’re lucky enough to live in a dwelling with a garden, here’s a cool Mothers’ Day idea: #GardenMakeover. Raid dad’s tools and equipment in the shed for garden tools, and transform a part of your garden. You don’t need green thumbs to turn a flower bed and plant a few flower seeds. You can buy these in little square packets at any of your nearest grocery chain stores.

Make mom breakfast in bed

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Let’s face it: what most moms really want for Mothers’ Day is to sleep in and wake up with a tray of breakfast to greet her. We’re not talking about simple porridge or cereal in a bowl here. We’re talking about eggs on toast, maybe a fried sausage or two, some mushrooms, coffee and a rusk, and there better be a flower in a thin vase on that tray. Maybe the whole family can sit together and talk about what fun activities can be had for the rest of the day.

Visit your nearest market

Photo by Zoe Deal on Unsplash

If you’re luckily enough to live in a part of South Africa where there are regular farmers’ markets, this is a perfect opportunity to spoil your mother dearest. Take a stroll passed the tables of jams, vegetables, and freshly-cured cheeses. Otherwise, a flea market is also a super venue to take mom on a frugal shopping spree. This supports your local community, and who knows – you might find some great deals!

Book a family photo shoot

Photo by Jackie Parker on Unsplash

We said it before and we’ll say it again: pictures immortalize happy times in our lives. They are reminders that we have lived and loved and laughed together. For a super special Mothers’ Day outing, book a family photo shoot. It can be in a studio, or outside in a park. Bring the dogs along and really make a day out of it, with a photographer snapping away while you have fun as a family. You might need to buy mom a few frames for the best photos, too.

Give mom the day off

Photo by Félix Prado on Unsplash

Okay, this one is a big one. Like sleeping in and breakfast in bed, having a day off is right up there on any mom’s home wish list. So many moms have to wake up early, wash the dishes from last night’s dinner, pull a broom through the house and get the washing done. Imagine how amazing mom would feel if all she had to do on Mothers’ Day was sit in bed and watch Netflix while the rest of the family sorts out the house work!

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