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4 fun festive family activities to try at home

He’s making his list... He’s checking it twice...

It’s December, which means that the festive season is here and we are rapidly racing towards another amazing year at EduExcellence Campuses and EduExcellence Online. Before we greet the New Year with open arms, we’ve still got some fun to have while we finish off 2021.

If you’re spending quite a bit of time stuck indoors at home these summer holidays, we’ve found a few fun festive activities you can do as a family at home. So, do you like to bake? Do your gift wrapping skills need some polishing? If you answered yes both times, this article is for you!

Bake Christmas Cookies

Christmas trees, gingerbread men, fruit cake, shortbread. Many of us love to get elbow-deep in flour and other baking ingredients when the year-end holidays come along. This year, decide on what you want to bake as a family (cookies are the easiest if you’re wondering) and send a list of ingredients with mom when she goes shopping next. Remember to get the whole family involved by assigning each person a role, and don’t forget to play Rock, Paper, Scissors for who gets to lick the bowl!

Check out one of these awesome recipes;

Christmas Craft Party

Got a bunch of left-over Christmas cards and decorations from previous years? Don’t just let them gather dust in your cupboard – reuse them this festive season! Whip out your leftover wrapping paper, grab a pair of scissors and some glue or sticky tape, and have a fun family Christmas crafts party. To make it extra interesting, turn your craft party into a competition to see who can make the prettiest, biggest, or most impressive Christmas decoration. Maybe the winner can have the honour of placing the first Christmas decoration on the tree.

For more ideas, check out;

Host a Gift Wrapping Race

It happens every year. Everyone promises to help mom with wrapping the presents, only to see her wrapping them all on her own – sometimes the night before Christmas! You can’t help with wrapping your own presents (nice try!) but maybe you could help wrap those presents your family is giving to other people? Make it fun by having a gift wrapping race to see who can wrap the most presents in 5 minutes. If you’re worried that people won’t appreciate your unpolished wrapping skills, use empty boxes instead.

Christmas Bed Movie Night

This one is a family favourite in any home during the festive season! Pull your mattresses from your beds, grab your blankets and pillows, and make a big Christmas bed in the lounge one night this month. Even better, choose one or two corny Christmas movies to watch together, and how about adding in some snacks like the Christmas cookies you baked earlier? Or go the traditional route with popcorn, pizza, and something yummy to drink. Here’s a tip: choose a comedy movie so you can laugh and be merry together as a family.

Happy holidays from everyone at EduExcellence

Are you going to try any of the ideas above? No matter what you do this festive season, make it fun by including the family. These moments, when both parents and children are on holiday at the same time, are precious opportunities to spend quality time together. From everyone at EduExcellence Lynnwood, EduExcellence Noordhoek, and EduExcellence Online, we wish you a joyous festive season and a bright, successful new year 2022.

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