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Who we are

Our Core Values

EduExcellence is guided by our CORE VALUES.


These values guide our behaviour when there are no specific agreements in place.


1. Our Spiritual Values: Faith and Kindness.

We are a Christian-orientated school.

We have faith in the work we do in children’s lives daily.


2. Our Emotional Values: Passion and Love

We are passionate in our work and treat our colleagues, parents and learners with love.


3. Our Social Values: Individuality and Equality

Our learners and their journeys are unique. Each learner is an individual.

Staff, parents and learners should be treated without bias or discrimination.


4. Our Therapeutic Values: Ethical and Professional

We are guided by our professionalism and ethics at all times.


5. Our Academic Values: Diligence and pride

We are careful and persistent in our work and we take pride in delivering our responsibilities to a high standard.

Our Philosophy

Our bespoke therapeutic remedial education ​approach creates the perfect environment for learning to take place. Children need to feel safe and secure in order to learn and thrive. The TheraEd approach is based on sound research in educational neuro-science and has been the cornerstone of EduExcellence since our inception in 2007. 

You are one of the most important people in the life of the child you have in front of you.
Make it count.

Dr Beulah van der Westhuizen

Core Business

Many of the children enrolled at EduExcellence are challenged in terms of their ability to pay attention and maintain focus, to perform academically, and to conduct themselves acceptably in social aspects. This IS our CORE group of children. You ARE expected to accept this fact lovingly and caringly.

These children are enrolled at EduExcellence specifically because this behaviour is not fully understood in mainstream schools, therefore it is vital they have an educator tolerant yet firm and consistent with respect to their behaviour.

Our learners are emotionally sensitive and can, in most cases, sense the mood of the environment as well as the thoughts and feelings of people around them. Please be sensitive to the way in which you express your emotions, frustrations and/or thoughts. Most of our learners were exposed to a mainstream system that did not support or understand them. The result of this is that they have been labelled as difficult, naughty, stupid, lazy and many other terms which do not befit them.

They are divine human beings perfectly created and endearing in the way they were formed.

If you find it difficult to accept or assist our learners' needs (in their own unique quest to grow and develop to their full capacity and potential), please make an appointment with the therapy department or visit the school principal. Sideward remarks or gossip about a child cannot, and shall not, be tolerated. Our educators are trained to maintain professionalism at all times.

EduExcellence employed you in a pivotal role as a remedial educator. This implies that all curriculum must and should be presented in a remedial capacity at all times. As a remedial educator, you are expected to apply this principle, and adapt presentations and lesson plans, to assist each individual child in their unique learning process. Multi-sensory teaching has been proven as best for these children, along with the incorporation of the multiple intelligence theory.

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