Why EduExcellence

Education is a journey, the purpose of which is not school itself or test results. Rather, education needs to prepare us for life after school. For some learners that time is possibly 10 years or longer away. What will the world need from our children then?

We need to equip children with the skills to cope with an exciting and demanding future. At EduExcellence we have structured both our Schools and Centres to achieve this lofty goal by prioritising:

  1. Integration: Like the community we live in our Campuses supports learners that can and want to follow an academic stream and those that choose or need to follow a functional stream.
  2. Inclusivity: We choose to include learners with so-called ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia and other mild barriers to learning into our Schools stream and learners with mental disability and moderate to severe barriers to learning in our EduSkills Centres.
  3. Personal: Our Individual Development Map approach to education developed to personalise each learner's educational journey. With goals and programmes that value progress and trends more than tests and short term goals. 
  4. Effective class sizes: Educator to learner ratios of 1:12 in our Schools and 1:8 in our Centres means we can deliver effective group education.
  5. More than one curriculum: We put as much though and planning into the Spiritual, Social, Emotional and Physical Curriculum as we do on the Academic Curriculum.
  6. Cambridge Curriculum: Our Schools use the Cambridge Curriculum which offers an internal standard that prioritises thinking skills over content memorisation. Click here for more on Cambridge Curriculum.
  7. Home-like Environment: Our campuses very consciously have a non-institutionalised feel. No long corridors and noisy classrooms. Instead we have created a home-like feel that is sensory sensitive, works with nature and even provides healthy meals.

We trust that the above will intrigue you enough to contact us and come for a visit.