The Enrolment Process

EduExcellence has a 5 Step enrolment process:
  1. Visit - please contact the school to arrange a visit and a no obligation chat with the Campus Principal or Deputy Principal.
  2. Provisional Application - complete our online application form. Just click on the orange Apply Now button (on top right of screen) to get started.
  3. Enrolment Interview - you will be contacted to setup a convenient date for a formal interview.
  4. Provisional Acceptance - if all goes well, you will have the results of your application within 48 hours and you will receive an email with a link to our online Enrolment Agreement.

Once you have completed the Enrolment Agreement and provided the required documentation and paid the Security Retainer you will receive notification of Full Acceptance and your child will be enrolled in EduExcellence. Please note that EduExcellence Schools typically only allow learners to start at EduExcellence on the first day of each term, following an induction day on the preceding week day. The EduSkills Centres allow learners to start throughout the term.

Although not part of the enrolment process there are two additional, vital, steps to follow:

  1. The completion of the Individual Development Map (IDM). To assist with the completion of the IDM parents need to complete a two part online questionnaire which you will receive via email.
  2. Feedback Meeting. Following the completion of the IDM parents will be invited to feedback meeting at the campus.

For more detailed information:

  • EduExcellence enrolment process and our enrolment policy please read our Enrolment Policy.
  • EduExcellence Enrolment Agreement (contract) can only be completed online. For a sample of the Agreement please read the offline sample Enrolment Agreement.
  • EduExcellence policy on the integration of learners on campus and our approach to inclusivity, please read Inclusivity and Integration Policy