"Hi Beulah,

I thought that it was about time that I wrote to you to express my pleasure at the path upon which Lucy is travelling through life.

Thanks to your amazing school, Lucy is able to live a well-balanced and successful life.

Not only does she shine in the classroom (thanks to your amazing teachers, methods and school), but she has accomplished the following successes in this last month alone:

1. She has planted and grows a balcony herb and veggie garden. She is an avid gardener and cannot wait to get the fruit trees into the ground!
2. She has caught the biggest fish of her life!
3. She has amazing friends and gets to play in the ponds in our greenbelt and collect tadpoles for school….all in the name of education of course.
4. She participated in the U9 football team at Fish Hoek Soccer Club this year, and received a medal, presented by her coach, to “The bravest girl I know!”
5. She attended the Helen O Grady International Drama Academy again this year, and she received another certificate from them last night, signifying the completion of another successful year with them. She took part in a play about Pirates, held on Sunday night.
6. Lucy completed the Spur Adventure Race held late October (12 km Mtb, 3 km run and a dam crossing by rope)
7. Lucy will also participate in the inter-schools Judo challenge this coming week, with the award of her first belt as well.

I cannot begin to tell you how gratifying it is as a parent, to see your child growing, finding direction, learning (and loving it), and becoming a young lady.

Thanks for all your efforts, your self-esteem building, your reiteration that she can do anything in life that she wants to. It is true, we all learn differently, and we can all succeed if given the chance.

Thanks for giving Lucy the helping hand that she has needed."

Noordhoek, Parent, 06-Sep-2017

"I believe all it still well at Eduexcellence. One year on Ruben is doing great at his current school and his independence and self-management is a testament to the very hard work you and your team put in during the time he spent at Eduexcellence."

Lynnwood, previous parent, 06-Sep-2017

"Ek wil net graag vir jou uit die diepte van my hart BAIE, BAIE dankie sê vir wat EduExcellence vir Jan beteken het oor die afgelope 8 jaar. Jou skool, onder jou en Deirdre se leierskap, het ‘n leemte in my kind se lewe gevul en waarde toegevoeg in ‘n tydperk waar hy jul baie nodig gehad het.

Ons sal die Edu Excellence span vir ewig danbaar wees en wens jul opreg sterkte toe met jul toekoms planne.

Geseënde Kersfees en ‘n voorspoedige 2016 vir jou en jou gesin.

Met opregte dank


Lynnwood, parent, 06-Sep-2017

"Good morning Beulah and team

I have to congratulate you and your team for a magnificent website and beautiful logo! I am extremely proud to have my son at your school and I’m looking forward to next year, taking his learning capabilities to the next level!

Thank you for always going the extra mile, always finding the best solutions for our children.

A very proud and grateful parent!"

Parent, Lynnwood Campus, 10-Oct-2016

"Wil net se jy het my kind gevorm met jou Skool. Sal verewig dankbaar wees."

Parent, Lynnwood Campus, 28-Jan-2015

"Hi Beulah. Happy New Year. I have just left school and feel that I need to contact you immediately to let you know how very, very, very, impressed I am with what has been accomplished. I love the children’s classrooms and the play area is divine.
Also, the fact that we can now “drive through” is a testament to your commitment and good character.
Thank you for doing all that say you will do. It’s such a pleasure to have you as a principal/owner."

Parent, Noordhoek Campus, 22-Jan-2015

"Ek wens jou graag ‘n wonderlike en voorspoedige Nuwejaar toe. My bede is dat EduExcellence van krag-tot-krag sal gaan - met groot dankbaarheid in my hart vir wat jy, jou personeel en jou skool vir my seun beteken."

Parent, Lynnwood Campus, 15-Jan-2015

"Thank you for putting our child's interests first. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for providing a firm foundation and stepping stone for our son's education. We value our experience within the EduExcellence PRS family."

Parent, Lynnwood Campus, 28-Nov-2014

"Baie dankie vir jou en Robin Booth’s se werkswinkels. Dit was life changing! "

Parent, Lynnwood Campus, 28-Nov-2014

"We honestly believe that you and your team came into our lives when we desperately needed you. No number of thank you’s can express our appreciation for the 4 years we have shared our lives with EduExcellence PRS. "

Parent, Lynnwood Campus, 28-Nov-2014