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Structure of Intellect


The Structure of Intellect is a theory of human intelligence that was developed from 1945 to 1965 by Dr. J. P. Guilford and his colleagues at the University of Southern California. The SOI is the application of the Structure of Intellect theory to various learning situations. It has been in continuous use and development from 1965 to the present.

 Dr Mary Meeker applied Guilford's theory to education. She isolated 26 cognitive abilities needed (to succeed) for learning in school, university and in the work place. She maintains that: INTELLIGENCE CAN BE TRAINED!!!

 SOI programs range from readiness in pre-school to training and career counseling in industry to rehabilitation in corrections. Clients include beginning learners, the learning disabled, and the academically gifted. SOI can offer this broad range of testing, teaching, and training services because it is based on a proven theory of human intelligence.

 In every learning situation assumptions are made about the learner's cognitive abilities. When the student meets these assumptions, learning is relatively easy. But when the learner does not meet these assumptions, learning can be difficult or even impossible. In order to best equip a student for learning we need to insure that he or she has developed the cognitive abilities assumed by the learning situation.


These cognitive abilities are very specific and very specifically related to different learning tasks. Thus, the cognitive abilities necessary for learning to read are not the same as the cognitive abilities necessary for learning mathematics. The SOI approach, then, is to prepare students for learning tasks by insuring that they have developed the necessary cognitive abilities.

 General intelligence tests, those that provide different measures of IQ, offer very little that is helpful diagnostically. "Underachieving" and "overachieving" may be descriptive evaluations, but they do not help diagnose learning problems.


SOI is a complete system. Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment are contained in the same system. The SOI tests measure learning abilities. These assessments are then related to learning requirements. The result of this comparison is a diagnosis of the student's strengths and weaknesses in learning. Most importantly, the weaknesses can be developed and strengthened with SOI Training Modules, which are based on the Structure of Intellect theory.

 Different Learning Styles

 SOI recognises that people learn in different ways. The figural learning style is concrete and direct. Figural learners learn by seeing, touching, and doing. The symbolic learning style has to do with systems of notation; music, mathematics, and spelling. The semantic learning style operates through words, ideas, and concepts. Our school system is heavily based on semantic learning, and many students who do not succeed in school may simply have a different learning style.

Different Thinking Operations

The five thinking operations inSOI are comprehension, memory, evaluation, problem solving (convergent thinking), and creativity (divergent thinking).

Comprehension describes how quickly and how well you understand new information.

Memory describes how well you retain the information.

Evaluation describes your judgment, your ability to make practical decisions.

Problems solving describes how well you can come up with the correct solution to a problem.

Creativity is about finding many different possible solutions.

Organising Information

SOI also measures how well you organise information, in six different ways: units, classes, relations, systems, transformations, and implications. For instance, some people are strong in units. These people are good with details.

SOI Application Areas

General Education

SOI focuses on the relationship of intellectual abilities to academic and practical learning. Many learning failures are due to lack of intellectual abilities on the student's part.SOI assesses, and, when necessary, provides the training for developing intellectual abilities. SOI defines learning disabilities as the lack of specific abilities for learning.


SOI identifies those intellectual abilities and perceptual skills necessary for learning to read. Without these abilities and skills, the best reading instruction often fails.SOI develops these abilities and skills. Finding the cause of reading failure is the first step

in finding a cure.

Gifted Education

Most gifted students enter school with well-developed abilities for academic learning, but often do not have equally well developed abilities for application of learned material: judgment and creativity. SOI provides the necessary assessment and training materials.

Remedial Education

Most students who fail, do so because they lack specific intellectual abilities and/or perceptual skills presumed to be intact by the instruction.SOI determines not only which are missing but offers lessons to develop them. This is a cure for learning failure, not a lifetime of tutoring or �teaching around� learning deficits. The key to remedy learning failure is to know why the failure is occurring and to have a systematic treatment for eliminating the cause.


SOI matches a student's or client's intellectual profile to the cognitive requirements for a wide variety of careers. If the client's intellectual profile does not meet the requirements for a specific career, SOI can provide training to improve those abilities that are weak and open new career opportunities.


Maths instruction often fails because students do not have the requisite cognitive abilities, or necessary concepts for understanding. Therefore, they must rely completely on rules and memorisation.


SOI Training Modules provide a means of treating the problem. WithSOI fully in place 95% of normally developing students do not need outside professional diagnostic treatment. In school and clinical contexts, the treatment plans are rarely more than six months in duration. In school and clinical settings, the SOI program has success rates above 90%. Research has proven that IQ could be enhanced with 25 points over a 2-year period.SOI has facilitated this remarkable change in potential.

SOIgives you a starting point to develop your abilities. The beauty of human intelligence is that it is something we all have and it is something that can be improved with the right material and teaching. Intelligence can be trained!!!! In fact, that is one of the major advancements by the SOI. It indicates any ability that is low and recommends material to train that ability. By enriching an individual's capacity to think, we assist in helping one become more receptive to new stimuli and more capable of coping with new situations.

SOI is the only learning theory or tutoring program that identifies each person's strengths, weaknesses and has a built-in remediation schedule.


BrainWaveIntegratedTherapy provides a dual program, incorporating SOI and Balance Board. This is a proven program for someone who:

-           is struggling to succeed in school

-           labeled �LD� or Dyslexic

-           is gifted, but not achieving

-           has poor memory and concentration

-           has difficulty following directions

-           has difficulty with maths or reading

-           has behavioural problems

-           has tried other remediation

-           is seeking career directions


"I have never seen a program that has as much positive impact on students with as little requirement from staff and administration."  - educational consultant.

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