Individual Development Map

Our Individual Development Map (IDM) is a progressive map for tracking each learners journey to excellence and wholeness. After our initial assessment, we create an individualised programme for each learner and track their progress through the acquisition of different skills over time. This IDM allows for constructive conversation between teachers and parents about progress and to be able to view trends in the learners behaviour.

Our TheraEd Assessment yields information on all aspects of our curriculum (spiritually - in terms of values and morality-, emotionally, socially, physically and academically) in terms of strengths and weaknesses. These results are plotted on the IDM and activities geared toward stimulating different areas of growth will be presented to learners. We follow the principle of the “Zone of Proximal Development” by Vygotsky and present activities 20% outside the reach of learners on the different areas assessed.

As such, this approach allows us to apply the IDM to learners in both Schools and Centres.