Fees - EduExcellence Schools & EduSkills Centres

EduExcellence is a fee paying, private school. There is a separate fee structures for EduExcellence Schools and the EduSkills Centres.

The fee structure for EduExcellence Schools can be found on our new EduExexcellence Schools website by following this link: https://eduexcellenceschools.co.za/our-fees/

The fee structure for EduSkills Centres is as follows can be found on our new EduSkills website by following this link: https://eduexcellenceskills.co.za/our-fees/

A Security Retainer is due immediately on acceptance of the Enrolment Invitation to secure the learners place at the Excellence Campus and to provide a month's tuition fee as security.

For more information on the fees, levies and payment options please click to download our Account Management Policy on our Policies page.