Are classes taught in Afrikaans or English?

The EduExcellence Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Schools are English medium only in support of our Cambridge curriculum.

However, it must be noted that EduExcellence will offer Afrikaans as a subject which naturally will be taught in Afrikaans.

 Our EduSkills center will be dual medium (English and Afrikaans) as is needed. Please check with your campus.

Do the EduExcellence Campuses offer boarding facilities?


Does EduExcellence still offer remedial support for learners?

Since its founding in 2007, EduExcellence has based its educational programme on the science of neurodevelopment. At its essence, educational neurodevelopment believes that the brain needs to be physical and chemically (nutritionally) supported to truly allow optimal educational, emotional and social performance.

Further to this, EduExcellence remains committed to a sensory aware educational environment that:

  • Comprehensive neurodevelopmental support (our TheraEd programme) supervised by on campus Educational Psychologists, this includes implementation of specified Structure of Intellect modules and Auditory Integration Training
  • Offers smaller and therefor quieter classrooms than traditional mainstream schools
  • The development of an Individual Development Map for each leaner
  • A home-like environment


Does EduExcellence still use TheraEd™?

TheraEd remains a unique aspect of Professional Development for our staff. The TheraEd model encapsulates our unique approach to support learners achieve their optimal performance.


Is EduExellence a Remedial School?

EduExcellence initially marketed itself successfully as a ‘Remedial School’. After careful consideration the directors of EduExcellence felt that this ‘classification’ was incorrect for a number of reasons:

  • It went against our philosophy of not labeling students
  • The term ‘remedial’ is a term generated from a ‘medical deficit model’ implying that the individual needs remediation and by definition is ‘broke’. EduExcellence does not believe that our learners are in any way broken
  • Neither the general public nor the legislative framework in which we functioned recognized a ‘remedial’ type of school. Only so-called ‘normal’ and ‘special needs’ schools are officially recognized.
  • Due to point 3 above, many parents felt that our apparent association to a ‘special needs’ school was not in the best interest of their child.

To this end we have two Streams of schooling within an EduExcellence Campus:

1. EduExcellence Schools - which offers a mainstream educational service
2. EduSkills Centres - which is a Special Education Needs school


May a learner become enrolled at EduExcellence mid-year?

Enrolment is subject to availability. Please contact the campus to enquire about space.

However, EduExcellence Schools typically only enroll learners at the start of each term although the campus will conduct interviews throughout the term.

EduSkills Centres on the other hand, enroll learners throughout the term as we recognise that their needs are often more immediate.


What is EduExcellence policy on medication?

As specialist in the field of educational neuro-development we understand that the brain needs to be supported chemically. We do, however prefer to do so naturally. From our side, parents will not be requested to obtain prescription medication to support learning. We will however, respect the prerogative of the parent who whishes to do so.We follow a natural approach and a process of inquiry. For us its much more important to understand the chemical makeup of our learners and try to support them naturally.


What is your fee structure?

For the latest published Schedule of Fees for EduExcellence Schools and EduSkills Centres please check the Enrolment section of our website.

Where can I get more information on post-school learning opportunities?

There a number of websites and institutions that offer information and advice. Please try the following: