Talking Tech @ EduExcellence

Neal Bresler - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

In our pursuance for academic excellence, EduExcellence plan to introduce the use of information technology to assist us in delivering parts of the curriculum. The Pre-Primary & Primary Schools as well as the EduSkills Centres will make use of a shared technology lab which we will establish when funds are available. Even though it is optional for next year, the Middle and High School students will be able to start using laptop in the classroom and for homework, however from 2019 it will be mandatory for all Middle and High School students to have a laptop. 

To facilitate the aforementioned, EduExcellence has therefore decided upon a BYOD (bring your own device) policy for students, this will bring about a sense of ownership and responsibility to the students for their own devices. This will also allow for the use of these devices during after school hours to further improve knowledge and experience. The BYOD policy also allows for freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a suitable device. We know that we cannot expect everyone to buy a new and commonly selected device. However, we do need to set some minimum requirements to allow for efficient training with the planned applications which currently includes MS Office but also potentially Adobe Products. The minimum requirements for these devices are an Intel i5 Processor, 4GB Memory, 250Gb Hard Drive, Windows 8 64bit and Wi-Fi abilities.

Using uniform device specifications will make it easier for teachers to plan their lectures and to effectively use the devices to assist in teaching. It will also assist in the management of these devices on campus. (For example, the installation of programs/software can then be done in a uniform way). EduExcellence will provide assistance to parents and students to acquire the necessary devices (if needed) by supplying the students with the names of credible suppliers as well as getting preferential/scholar approval licensing on software products recommended for use by the curriculum.

Our teachers are very excited about the planned changes. We know that some challenges will present during the implementation but we look forward to tackling them as they happen.