Re-styling EduExcellence Internet Presence

Neal Bresler - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

EduExcellence is loyal to our commitment to our policy of holistic inclusion and incorporation. Because of this commitment, our current campuses will retain both the Mainstream Educational Service offering, as dictated by the Cambridge curriculum, as well as the EduSkills Services offering which is our special skills education reinforced by the ASDAN Programme. According to our recent findings, these diverse concepts have proven difficult for prospective new parents to understand. As a result, there was a need for clarity on the difference between the two educational streams and what they imply. To simplify access to the relevant information and most importantly to facilitate the creation of a voice and a clear distinctiveness for each stream, we have embarked on a process of redesigning our internet presence. In doing so, we want to simplify access to the relevant information and to give the parents the option to choose what best suits their requirements for the education of their children.

This will be done by the creation of two separate websites, one for each of our service offerings, EduExcellence Schools and EduExcellence Skills. Having two websites will enable us to give prompt and targeted feedback as well as updates specifically relevant to each educational stream. The EduExcellence Skills website is 90% complete and can be accessed at

Two phases remain, the first phase will be the launching of the website which will also have a fresh new look and will be significantly improved with regards to information about the academic services. The second phase will be the launching of a portal that will contain information relevant to parents who have students enrolled in our schools and centres. Both educational streams offered will share this common portal to give parents the choice and an insight into what is happening at EduExcellence.

Furthermore, each school and centre will be given a Facebook page which will be updated frequently to give parents, friends, and family an opportunity to view and get regular insights into the student activities in the EduExcellence community. We will keep you updated on our progress.

I would like to extend gratitude to Karin Kruger (who I am sure some of you know as our Noordhoek Campus Trail Running coach) for her help in designing and building the new EduExcellence Skills website.

Finally, thank you for the role played by all our supporting teams including EduExcellence administration, staff, parents and students. Achieving our milestones would not be possible without the contribution of each of you. I hope this information has been beneficial to you in proving our commitment to excellence!