Fee Increase for 2018 and Other Financial Matters

Neal Bresler - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

2017 has been a year of challenges for EduExcellence. During this year we consolidated all our financial assets despite the challenges faced. A significant part of the achievement has been due to the role played by our Financial Administrator, Charisse Copeland whose hard work has seen the signing off of the yearly financial statements for the 2016/2017 fiscal year while remaining up to date with the monthly management accounts.

It was evident that the curriculum changes announced at the end of the 2016 would provide big changes within our constituent campuses. However, these changes were managed effectively and delivered positive results, as expected. Moreover, we’ve seen that the changes implemented in 2017 have proved beneficial to our students and we continue to believe that it will add value to all future students. Additionally, we believe that the financial implications of these changes have not been too much for our current parents.

We also made a decision to assist our loyal parents by providing an offer of a 0% tuition fee increment for early re-enrolments. Approximately 76% of our parents re-enrolled and we are happy for their commitment and support. Furthermore, we have seen a record high in early admissions of new students for 2018. Our educational offering has gained a considerable increase in interest from new parents. From August to October, the number of potential new parents meeting with the principals increased from 5 to 20 parents per month. Our fee increase for new learners has been set at 5% for 2018, which is about half of what other private institutions and some government institutes offer as an annual fee increment for new students. Please click here to see our latest published fees.