EduExcellence Noordhoek - A Grateful Heart

Neal Bresler - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Dear EduExcellence Parents and Teachers,

As the school year comes to a close, our minds and hearts are filled to the brim. It has been a great year! Together we have learned so much and shared experiences that will remain with us for years to come. The strength of our community and wholehearted passion to make our school a wonderful place of learning for our children, makes EduExcellence Noordhoek Campus a truly special place.

Reflecting on the past school year makes me realize how fortunate we are. Despite the many hurdles we have faced with our new structure, curriculums and widened scope of learner intake, we have finished on top. This year has been successful due to the wonderful collaborative partnership between staff members, students and dedicated parents. This has given us much hope and excitement for next year, with greater parent involvement, working towards making this YOUR school as well.

I would therefore like to give a special thanks to our parents who have contributed in ways small, large, and unimaginable! Thanks for getting your kids to school on time each day, dressing them proudly in the correct school uniform and helping your kids in the learning process; the partnership between home and school is essential.

As a completely privately funded school, we have to rely heavily on successful fundraisers, donations, sponsors and volunteers, to enable us to offer your children the one of a kind learning experience they deserve. We were blessed this year with some wonderful donations, enabling us to open a school library at the start of the next academic year. Another blessing was a financial donation, which enabled us to buy the first three laptops to start our computer (IT) room. Our aim is to have this IT room up and running as soon as possible, as computer skills are essential in this day and age. Lastly, the wonderful donation of our soccer posts, again, the start to offering more structured sport to the learners of EduExcellence.

I would like to give a special thanks to Gillian Zannos and Vicky van Der Worp who successfully ran the PTA this year. We are striving to establish a full PTA committee for next year, driving events to enable us to achieve our goals for 2018. It is important that we have a voluntary or nominated parent, representing each Stage in the school. I envision this team to provide excellent leadership and support to the school, staff and administration, and most importantly to the students of EduExcellence Noordhoek. Without your support and dedication we will not be able to achieve all the wonderful and successful school activities we would like to offer. This includes but is not limited to before/after school clubs, school fundraisers, charity events, volunteering in the classroom, staff appreciation week, arts integration programs, Valentine’s Day and Christmas Fairs and so much more. With your generous support and dedication, the sky is our limit.

I would also like to thank our hard working and caring staff members who have made a huge difference to our students. Their commitment is outstanding and our kids are the beneficiaries. Thank you for providing rich and engaging, well-rounded experiences for our kids and knowing that education is about joy, wonder and fostering curiosity, along with the development of social skills so needed to succeed. For these, and a million other things, we are truly grateful.

It is with pride that I can announce that our students have made great progress. We must recognize our students for their perseverance, hard-work, and effort displayed throughout the school year. Despite the tremendous social, emotional and spiritual growth of the majority of our children, some of our learners have reached great heights academically. One of our Stage 2 learners’ English mark improved by more than 20%, and one of our Stage 5 learners’, passed Stage 5 and Stage 6 Cambridge exams in one year of being with us. What great achievements!

In closing, I would like to congratulate all students of EduExcellence Noordhoek Campus from the bottom of my heart! Your hard work, dedication and perseverance has paid off. I wish you all a very happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas holiday. Please be sure to take time as a family, to talk, play and pray together.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 17th of January next year. To those of you who are leaving us for new places, we wish you all the best and you will continue to be in our prayers.

Sonja Engelbrecht

Campus Principal Noordhoek