EduExcellence Lynnwood - A Year in Review

Neal Bresler - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

We started 2017 on the 11th January with full staff, ready and prepared to implement the Cambridge curriculum in our EduExcellence Schools and the ASDAN programme in our Skills Centres.

The Therapy Department organised and presented our annual Orientation Week to help the learners settle in to their new (and old) school environments. This included school tours, meeting and greeting teachers as well as conversations about the school rules and boundaries, including more information on our merit system.

Our first General Parent Evening of the year went well, as did the Father/Child camp on the 27th January. It was a very special event where many conversations were had and laughter was heard until the early hours of the morning.

The Student Learner Leader campaign took place at the beginning of February and our student leaders were appointed by the end of the first week. At this stage, the Therapy and Academic programmes were in full swing.

The Valentine’s Dance for the senior learners was one of the highlights of February!

Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen and Mr. Neal Bresler visited the campus in February and the first round of TheraEd training for 2017 took place.

In March, we held an ‘Entrepreneurs Day’ for the learners at the school and a lot of fun and activities were shared. We supported many charity organisations like “CHOC”, “Slipper Day” as well as “Top and Tags” for wheelchairs. Other organisations that visited our school included “The Mobile Zoo” and “Wet Nose”.

The staff attended a very informative and enjoyable talk by Reinette Blignaut on “Asperger’s in the Classroom”. Reinette herself is a mother of a child with Asperger’s and we appreciate her willingness to share her experiences with us.

Our Primary 1 learners enjoyed an excursion to the “Dino Expo” and were ‘wowed’ by the life-size dinosaurs. At the same time the Primary 2 and Secondary 1 learners were preparing for their Camp Discovery excursion - there was huge excitement as preparations for the camp was made.

At the beginning of the second term we knew that the initiation phase for the Cambridge Curriculum was over - it was full steam ahead from then onwards. It was also at the beginning of the second term that we launched our Stage R class.

Some of our teachers attended the “KFC Mini Cricket” coaching course. The Primary 1 learners participated in a couple of matches and did really well.

The learners and the staff proudly supported the “Tekkie Tax Day” - I have to say a few “very creative” tekkies made their appearance in the staff room.

A very successful “Soup and Sherry” evening was hosted with our parents and staff - everyone enjoyed a lovely evening around the fires under the stars.

We had our first Open Day on the 23rd June and all the learners and teachers made a huge effort to make this day a success. [view the video]

The Stage 9 and IGCSE learners set off on their Durban Tour at the end of the second term, and both learners and staff members agreed it was a resounding success.

At the beginning of the 3rd term we appointed Mrs. Tania Lutz to prepare healthy meals for our learners according to the prescribed ethos and guidelines of the EduExcellence food policy.

In the 3rd term we supported The Red Cross tinned food project and during those four weeks we collected almost a thousand tins.

On National Women’s Day the EduSkills department hosted a very successful Women’s tea party at the school - we made our ladies feel special.

FANSA visited the school on the 22nd August to teach the Primary 1 learners about their 5 amazing senses and BIO-Life visited us on the 23rd to share healthy living habits and exercise tips.

On 1st September we hosted the “Spring Fun Day” as well as the “Casual Day” at the campus and it was an enjoyable day for all the learners and the staff. We supported the Literacy week during 4th - 8th September and we ended the week off with celebrating “International Literacy Day”. Mrs. Tracey Stroebel read a very enjoyable story (by Roald Dahl) to the learners at morning assembly.

We held a successful Father Child camp at Rietvlei Nature Reserve. The children tried their luck at fishing and a few even attempted to stay awake throughout the night.

The stage 4-7’s visited the Monkey Sanctuary at Hartebeespoort Dam and upon return had some very interesting stories. Lots of excitement was shared.

The Stage 9’s and the IGCSE learners wrote their first Cambridge practice exams in preparation for the final exams.

Mr. Devin Horne and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl in September.

With the last term around the corner we decided that we needed to concentrate on preparation for the final assessments for the year.

ISASA visited our campus, and we were granted national registration which was a very proud moment for us all.

Stage 9 and IGCSE visited the IEB Factory as part of their Business Studies practical.

We hosted a Family Fun Day on 28th October and the funds we raised that day will be used to upgrade the ASDAN/Skills kitchen.

We hosted our first annual Prestige Prize-giving on the 2nd November. We started off with a very successful concert and ended with the prize giving and the National Anthem as an encore.

Final year exams for Stage 3 to IGCSE started at the beginning of November, and the learners were a whirlwind of studying and preparation.

The entire school participated in an informal merit certificate ceremony on Tuesday 28th November – the staff celebrated each and every learner’s individuality and achievements.

Ms. Jacqueline Terblanche will become Mrs. Jacqueline Coetzee in December and we wish her all the best in her marriage.

The staff will be participating in First Aid Training in the beginning of December in order to be ready for 2018.

I think that the learners and the staff of EduExcellence Lynnwood Campus can be very proud of what we have achieved this year.

I want to thank all the parents for their support during the year and last but not least all the learners for their hard work and continued efforts - we are extremely proud of you.

We hope you all have an enjoyable festive season and see you on 17th January 2018 for the start of the next exciting year.

Rooie Robbertse

Campus Principal Lynnwood