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School Evaluation Questionnaire

Neal Bresler - Monday, September 04, 2017
Evaluating a school can be a highly emotive process. EduExcellence created the attached questionnaire to assist parents by posing a set of important questions that can then be answered for each pr ..

Be A Buddy

Neal Bresler - Monday, May 29, 2017
This week EduExcellence ran a anti-bullying campaign. Listen to Dr Beulah van der Westhuizen talk about bullying, what it means, the different types of bullying and how to look out for the warning ..

Are we putting to much pressure on our children?

Neal Bresler - Wednesday, May 24, 2017
“Ultimately we need to value the core happiness of our children” - Listen to Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen talk about the reasons parents push their children and the harmful effects this can have ..

Sleeping And Your Child

Neal Bresler - Monday, May 15, 2017
Talk to most parents and the topic of sleep and sleep deprivation will surface at some point in the conversation. As one of the most fundamental human processes, sleep is vital to our ability to f ..

Technology And Your Child

Neal Bresler - Friday, May 05, 2017
With the rise of technology in our world, more and more parents are concerned about the possible effect of screens on their children. In this blog I outline some of the available research, creatin ..

Curriculum: What parents need to know

Neal Bresler - Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Earlier this month I gave a presentation to parents and other interested parties on curriculum in South Africa. But to truly understand the importance of curricula I had to place it within the lan ..

Education & Medication Part 2: Scheduled Medication

Neal Bresler - Thursday, March 09, 2017
Part 2: The breakdown of the eight Medication Schedules All medication is in South Africa is classified by the Medicines Control Council ( into one of eight Schedules. S ..

Education & Medication Part 1: You do have a choice

Neal Bresler - Thursday, March 09, 2017
On Tuesday 7th March 2017 Dr Beulah van der Westhuizen ( gave a presentation on the typical medication prescribed to learners with ADHD. The talk was presented at our N ..

Education & Medication Part 3: Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera and Tofranil

Neal Bresler - Thursday, March 09, 2017
Part 3: Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera and Tofranil Typically prescribed medication for AD/HD (Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera) is often provided without the insert containing the medication g ..

2017 Term 1 - Back to school!

Neal Bresler - Sunday, January 01, 2017
Are you ready to start school? Remember... One must prepare and be ready. 10th January 2017 - orientation morning for new learners. Please check with your campus when your orient ..